Permanent makeup conjures up images of overdone lip liner and eyebrows, but now there is a new gentler technique, popular among celebrities, called repigmentation.

“For example, it will redefine the lip area; it will add a little bit more color to your brow, because as we age we tend to lose color and definition from our face,” says professional stylist Jacqui Stafford.

For the last 16 years, permanent makeup artist Fabrice Condemi has traveled the world tending to his clients – from the eyebrows for a more natural arch to between the eyelashes to make you look more awake to the lips for a bit of color.

“It’s a small definition and then you have the impression, you have a new shape about your lips. It makes the lips a little bit more balanced,” he says.

The process usually takes about an hour. It lasts one to three years and is relatively inexpensive, but it does take a few days for the color to fade to a more natural look.

“The treatment in the beginning is very dark for three days. After three days, you lose the color. And then you need to come back for the touchup after one month,” he says.

Different from a tattoo, this is a more natural pigment designed to give you a more natural, healthier look. It lasts up to three years. The obvious question; does it hurt? Condemi says no, it does not.

“No, it’s not hurting. It’s a little bit sensitive of course,” he says.

Condemi describes himself as an artist who uses a person’s face as a canvas to display his art.

“If you see the woman and you see what she needs, this is good art,” says Condemi.

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